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business models, strategies and technologies

From drool-worthy e-bikes to bankable corporate value

Sleekly designed Maravelo e-bikes are yet more interesting because of the business model used to sell them I’ve been considering an e-bike for a while: my old bike is on its last legs, and it seems a bit silly not to take advantage of modern technology to make sure I get more exercise – and that I’m less daunted by distance. Good intentions...

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From Repair Café to reputation building

Repair Cafés provide an attractive “franchisable” way to implement circular-economy thinking – rooted in community not product Set up in 2010, the Amsterdam-based Repair Café Foundation has a wonderful genre-bridging perspective that seems to provide a great example of how circular economy measures can be made to work in practice. The Foundation wants to bring back and re-invent the basic idea of repair as...

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