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Business models for identity and uniqueness

Digital unique identifiers – luxury, advantage, prerequisite or opportunity? What do we do with identity? In our current world of branded identity and social media profiling, identity has become an often-artificial construct – something you engineer and use to illude, rather than something innate, immutable and earned. But engineers, techno-geeks and forensic detectives don’t think about identity in the same way as the Kardashians...

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Prostate cancer, dapper dressing, classic motorbikes and mental health

How do you market a motley mix of classic motorbikes, sartorial elegance, facial hair and raising money for prostate cancer and men’s mental health? Answer = The  Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Not all motorcyclists have a dodgy social status or are mummified inside garish, anonymising protective clothing. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual event at which more than 115,000 remarkably dapper gentlemen and gentlewomen (and some gentlesprogs...

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Condition-responsive textiles – clothing gets configurable

Threads and fibres no longer have to be static – they can be made to change technical capabilities All over the world, thread, yarns and fibres of countless kinds and with myriads of different specs get woven into garments and textiles. These, in turn, are the basis for huge industrial manufacturing and logistics operations, spewing out more-or-less planet-destructive products in a cycle of...

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