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business models, strategies and technologies

Why Rethinking

A personal exploration of rock-the-boat angles on strategy, technology and design – and ways of combining them to build more profitable, customer-centric business

New business models

If our enterprises are to deal effectively with market disruption, accelerating change, technological innovation, new market topographies and tectonic shifts in customer/supplier interfaces, we need radically different business models rooted in fluidity, transformation and responsibility.

Different narratives

New business models and mindsets about how business, consumers, society and environment interact also require new narratives and communication capabilities. The key to an attractive, authentic value proposition lies in clear communication – a distinctive, credible narrative that provides genuine, useful answers to your customers’ real needs, explaining clearly what’s going on, and why.

Big opportunities

Where business models are in flux, there are big opportunities for those nimble and sassy enough to grasp them by treading new paths and providing new solutions.

There’s little advantage – and only limited commercial future – in just duplicating what others do already, repackaging and tweaking ideas already shown to be struggling, and continuing to use processes that are destroying the planet’s chances of survival.

That’s why these Rethinking explorations focus on technologies, ideas, products and services that somehow involve or illustrate (IMHO, of course) groundbreaking perspectives, innovative business models and intriguing angles on developing ideas and doing business.

PS If you’re looking for a good source for inspirational material about this kind of endeavour, I recommend the transformation maps developed by the World Economic Forum.