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business models, strategies and technologies

Rethinking age-old agricultural rhythms

Rethinking millennia-old agricultural practices seems inconceivable – but The Land Institute went to work and delivered Kernza I live way out in the country. Transport to and from my abode/office – vehicular and otherwise – often makes me wonder about all kinds of to-me-unfamiliar processes taking place in the fields all around. I’m an avid observer, but with huge depths of agricultural ignorance. Cycles of...

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Rethinking the wine bottle

Reconsidering the business model for the ubiquitous wine bottle – a big, heavy object whose prime function lies in logistics and producer profiling It’s (relatively) easy to declare that companies should rethink their business models so their activities don’t kill off the planet we need to live on. It’s less easy for companies to work out how to do something substantial. So here’s a quick...

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Food trucks – transience in a tin can or ultra-flexible business on wheels?

Food trucks are popular – but Danish food truck company HiiYou is selling a dream of entrepreneurial freedom and customer interaction instead Following the food truck fad Danes often seem to display an uncritical attitude to anything supposedly associated with “cool” – particularly when it’s perceived as coming from the US. So it’s no surprise that American-style food trucks – riding high on the current Scandinavian...

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