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Plastic – acceptable via understanding, art or toxic capture?

Plastic has rapidly become the elephant in the responsibility room. How can we “relate” to this omnipresent material? Unfamiliarity breeds ignorance Plastic has become an omnipresent, integral part of just about every function, item and service in our society. But it’s also a manky material about which most of us know surprisingly little. I’d challenge most ordinary mortals to explain how plastic is made or...

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AI meets art, and builds business

AI is a moniker currently much bandied around in management-speak. It becomes wholly more comprehensible and concrete in down-to-earth operational settings. Algorithms meet art Manually re-drawing just one static image into a different artistic style has traditionally required serious artistic and artisanal skill, and almost always takes a prohibitively long time – and that’s what people use Photoshop for. Doing this same thing for a...

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Rethinking “Lorem ipsum” boilerplate

Sometimes even the most mundane parts of business processes can be rethunk. Dummy text goes intriguingly literate … A tradition of unobtrusiveness One of the hallowed traditions in the advertising and marketing world is to pour apparently faux Latin into draft layouts so that people can see, evaluate and appreciate a new piece of visual genius or eye-catching graphic design without being distracted by what the...

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