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Musical frameworking and depths of appreciation

Music performances in different contexts unravel new dimensions of capability  – and audience appreciation Post-Napster, and ever since the arrival of Spotify and streaming services ad libitum, live performances have become the cornerstone of many musical artists’ income – especially the big/known names. Think Rolling Stones, still rockin’ home bucketfuls of bucks after all these years. But the live performance game is a’...

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Pipe organ experience reframed

The intricate realms of organ music seem to be shucking off the confines of the ecclesiastical – go YouTube I recently attended an organ concert at a local church. Unexpectedly, the experience gave rise to a series of ponderings about organ music, its place in a greater scheme of things and its potential via rethinking.  What stood out with this particular event – at...

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Repackaging music performances – The Piano Guys example

Sometimes good ideas take on a non-PC guise – business lessons from Mormon piano playing Lessons can be learnt and ideas kidnapped from the most unlikely sources – including those far beyond the realm of mainstream political correctness. By chance, I noticed that one of the few acts willing to perform at the Trump inaugural bash on 20 January 2017 was The Piano Guys. I’d...

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