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business models, strategies and technologies

From silo thinking to Benchling

R&D results and know-how are worth more than the sum of their parts – how can we manage and implement them more effectively? Applying scarce research resources better A lot of money and many grey cells get poured into technical and scientific research and experimentation, worldwide. At the same time, the challenges facing our planet and our society have become so grave and profound...

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Musical frameworking and depths of appreciation

Music performances in different contexts unravel new dimensions of capability  – and audience appreciation Post-Napster, and ever since the arrival of Spotify and streaming services ad libitum, live performances have become the cornerstone of many musical artists’ income – especially the big/known names. Think Rolling Stones, still rockin’ home bucketfuls of bucks after all these years. But the live performance game is a’...

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Smart thinking to end salary slavery?

Time to rethink how a salary links an employee to an employer? Digital opportunities just waiting to be mined … Away from salary slavery Payment-for-work structures have remained basically the same for yonks. Simplifying enormously, there are two ways to do it. If you’re an employee of a company or organisation, you probably get a salary (usually monthly) or a wage (usually weekly). If...

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