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From silo thinking to Benchling

R&D results and know-how are worth more than the sum of their parts – how can we manage and implement them more effectively? Applying scarce research resources better A lot of money and many grey cells get poured into technical and scientific research and experimentation, worldwide. At the same time, the challenges facing our planet and our society have become so grave and profound...

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Prostate cancer, dapper dressing, classic motorbikes and mental health

How do you market a motley mix of classic motorbikes, sartorial elegance, facial hair and raising money for prostate cancer and men’s mental health? Answer = The  Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Not all motorcyclists have a dodgy social status or are mummified inside garish, anonymising protective clothing. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual event at which more than 115,000 remarkably dapper gentlemen and gentlewomen (and some gentlesprogs...

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Impossibility engineering – decision-making as a discipline?

Is decision making a process or a result? Individual or collective? How do we make decisions effectively in a chaotic world of macro-phenomena and unpredictability? Art, science or learned skill? “Decision making” – a seemingly innocuous moniker that spans a plethora of evils and paths to salvation or disaster, whether national or organisational. It goes on all the time, everywhere, at every level of...

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