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business models, strategies and technologies


This is my out-in-the-open workshop for exploring new ideas about break-the-mould business models, commercial operations, customer-centric thinking and how such ideas get implemented and communicated.

Business models that simply repeat past sins are part of what got us and our planet into the current mess. These small Rethinking pieces are my way to dig into new approaches to business strategy, advanced technologyDavid Lalley 8 and exceptional design – ideas and actions that combine customer-centric business approaches with big rethinks that take radically changing circumstances, expectations and opportunities into full account.

So these small epistles are a way to explore how companies are dealing with the hydra-headed challenges of strategic disruption, technology-driven innovation, ethical and environmental expectations, and customer-centric thinking.

They’re also a way to try out and showcase ways of writing about such new business mindsets without resorting to too many bizz-speak jargon-clichés or drowning in fluffy ad-speak. It’d be a crying shame if these commercial opportunities end up drowning in the quagmires of legacy thinking, traditional management-speak and planet-smothering business practices.

An idea is only as good as the way it’s implemented

The aim is to explore a ”shared language” for attractive, responsible business models, narratives and concepts in a world where the tectonic plates of “business as usual” are grinding together – and often getting seriously bent.

That’s why Rethinking articles consider business models in the contexts of specific ideas, companies, products and technologies. I reckon we learn more by looking at what’s actually being said and done in real-world enterprises, rather than armchair theorising about what might be possible. The aim here is to get closer to usable commercial ideas, implementation structures and “how to do it” solutions.

All this stuff comes out of my own head, my personal peccadillos and my own particular interests – and all opinions are works-in-progress as regards ideas, angles and wordings. Thoughts? Factual snafu? Grievous technology blooper? Wanna’ talk? Get in touch.