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business models, strategies and technologies

Agrivoltaics as a bellwether for “how” rethinks about solar power

New approaches to thinking about agrivoltaic installations – next-generation disruption? In my professional capacity as a development consultant, one of the client technologies I work with is a small-but-growing specialist corner of the solar energy express train – agrivoltaics. At root, agrivoltaics involve the co-locating of agriculture activities and photovoltaic panels for generating solar energy. Instead of the unfortunate either/or option presented by...

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Rural design – architecture or growth potential?

Architectural inspiration and opportunity need to go rural – where they can change more (Design) life in the country I live in the country, and also run my company from an office in delightfully rural surroundings. Both by choice, I might add. Unfortunately, however, one of my main sources of both “intellectual” inspiration and visual pleasure lies in modern architecture. I have to admit there...

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New narratives for lighting manufacture – based on plant polymers

Lamps have long resided in the (disposable) “products” category – with B2B mindsets focused on commercial and practical benefits. Gantri digital manufacturing is rethinking that whole narrative Lighting systems are pretty much stuck in the doldrums with regard to how they’re described and marketed. The basic narratives about what their manufacturers/designers do, and how they do it, hasn’t changed much over the years,...

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