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business models, strategies and technologies

ESG – report, resolve or rethink?

ESG reporting is no longer a “nice to have” – but does it look backwards or forwards? ESG reporting –  ground rules still being written The market value – and future potential – of a company no longer relies just on financial information and data. There’s a (relatively) new narrative in town … Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are an increasingly important part...

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Business models for identity and uniqueness

Digital unique identifiers – luxury, advantage, prerequisite or opportunity? What do we do with identity? In our current world of branded identity and social media profiling, identity has become an often-artificial construct – something you engineer and use to illude, rather than something innate, immutable and earned. But engineers, techno-geeks and forensic detectives don’t think about identity in the same way as the Kardashians...

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Making financials useful for us mere mortals

Financial planning may be necessary, but for many startups and modern flexi-firms it’s often also a frustrating time-waster The guarded world of financials Financial planning, budgeting and the other related sub-disciplines have long been ensconced in a world of their own, with their own specialist practitioners, their own arcane language and a whole slew of “dark arts” concepts whose main function seems to involve...

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