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Waxing philosophical about workboats – maritime mindshifts and manufacturing rethinks

Shipbuilding can be a bellwether for manufacturing mindsets – from traditionalism to disruptive innovation A long time ago, some of my earliest copywriting and idea development work was for many of the industrial shipyards in Denmark. Hopefully, it wasn’t my fault that many of them subsequently went out of business, as they got squeezed and out-competed by lower-cost, larger-scale yards elsewhere – mostly...

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Business models for satellite-based operations – dents and directions

It’s deliciously easy to techno-drool about a plethora of new satellite-based capabilities. But have we thought the business model through? In praise of engineering prowess In February 2022, SpaceX successfully assembled a 400ft rocket using a trio of giant robotic arms, in an impressive ballet of engineering dexterity and prowess. This involved quickly and effectively stacking the different components, using technologies far beyond the...

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Value-building capabilities help plastic solutions get serious

Plastic is nasty stuff – but how do we turn tackling it into good business? Tipping point arrived? Anno 2019, the tipping-point awareness about the problems caused by plastics suddenly seemed to have been reached. The so-called Overton Window – the range of publicly acceptable discourse – had shifted. The plastics discussion seems to have finally gone mainstream – and inevitably been pillaged and...

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