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From big-scale energy generation to scavenging energy from movement

Moya Power sheets make it possible to harvest and scavenge energy from within existing urban infrastructure – making the most of energy that’s there instead of churning out new. The United Nations apparently estimates that two-thirds of the population of the world will live in cities as of 2050. This will mean the demand for energy in urban areas will increase dramatically. Is...

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Sci-fi angles on the human condition from an alien perspective

Science fiction delivers intriguing new ways to describe what we mere mortals are up to – and a different perspective on intriguing conceptual fundamentals I warily admit to having a wobbly weakness for good sci-fi, fully aware that such a foible can risk getting me branded as an intellectual lightweight fleeing from reality. This prompts a scramble to emphasise that only certain selected...

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Marketing a fifth state of matter

ColdQuanta In Colorado works with ultracold atom technology such as Bose-Einstein condensates – but doesn’t find it easy to explain … Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) are sometimes referred to as a “fifth state of matter”, a rare state or phase in which all the particles share the same quantum state, at temperatures just above absolute zero. This ultracold environment makes the wavelengths of the atoms increase...

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