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Pipe organ experience reframed

The intricate realms of organ music seem to be shucking off the confines of the ecclesiastical – go YouTube I recently attended an organ concert at a local church. Unexpectedly, the experience gave rise to a series of ponderings about organ music, its place in a greater scheme of things and its potential via rethinking.  What stood out with this particular event – at...

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From drool-worthy e-bikes to bankable corporate value

Sleekly designed Maravelo e-bikes are yet more interesting because of the business model used to sell them I’ve been considering an e-bike for a while: my old bike is on its last legs, and it seems a bit silly not to take advantage of modern technology to make sure I get more exercise – and that I’m less daunted by distance. Good intentions...

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Rethinking age-old agricultural rhythms

Rethinking millennia-old agricultural practices seems inconceivable – but The Land Institute went to work and delivered Kernza I live way out in the country. Transport to and from my abode/office – vehicular and otherwise – often makes me wonder about all kinds of to-me-unfamiliar processes taking place in the fields all around. I’m an avid observer, but with huge depths of agricultural ignorance. Cycles of...

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