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Rethinking the business of the book – incrementally and more

It ain’t easy to pen a book to help your brilliant ideas establish the thought leadership they deserve. But lean publishing changes the game … Books and thought leadership After I recently ghost-wrote a book for a high-level client, several other clients have recently voiced interest in “doing a book”. They’ve got a great idea and want to tell the world about it. Coincidence? I...

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Insurance moves from individualisation to the “group mind”

Danish company Gobundl harvests (well, harvested) the power of the “group mind” to rethink the traditional fintech focus in insurance From individualisation to the “group mind” One of the big “blessings” in our IT-driven, highly automated world lies in the degree of individualisation now available in so many goods and services. One of the key features of digital expansion is that the costs of making/processing...

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Rethinking the black magic of new company names

From descriptive and inspirational to bland and nonsensical, company names can be glorious opportunities or risk-laden pitfalls. In the world of digitally focused business, there’s been a tsunami of new company names that’d have been inconceivable twenty years ago. Made-up names, weirdo words and alphabet soups, all in service of the need to register a URL not already shanghaied by either potential competitors or...

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