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Bridges don’t have to arch upwards

Rethinking the spatial location of a bridge opens up new design vistas Rethinking the basics of the bridge Everybody knows what a bridge is – it provides a traverse between two points, spanning something else. After multiple thousands of years of human ingenuity and engineering innovation, what can be new about the fundamentals of bridge design? The Moses Bridge in Halsteren in the Netherlands, designed by...

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Reconcocting concrete structures and how to deploy them

Making concrete structures low-tech and idiot-proof via Concrete Canvas Rethinking concrete structures and how to deploy them Concrete Canvas Ltd. is the British company behind an innovative material technology that makes it possible to use concrete in radically new ways. Their Concrete Canvas product is a flexible fabric impregnated with cement. It hardens on contact with water to form a thin, durable concrete layer that’s both waterproof...

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Rethinking motorcycle transmissions – and the rider experience

Rethinking the whole motorcycle riding experience for the comfort generation – as an OEM add-on that could help add customer-centric thinking to the biker world I grew up on motorbikes – they were a great way to get around cheaply (and with a fair amount of kudos) when I was at university in northern England. In my more senior years (read: mid-life crisis, if thou...

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