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Rethinking the smartphone continuum, with the Runcible

All smartphones basically look the same and can do the same things, steamrollering along a tech-driven path of legacy incrementalism. Where’s the customer-centricity? On 27 February 2015, San Francisco design company Monohm Inc. announced the Runcible, which they called the first personal device for the post-smartphone era. It looks like no other communication device, and it seems like a radical rethink of pretty much...

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Planes starting and stopping – easyJet energy recovery

Aircraft use vast amounts of energy to speed up when taking off, and again to slow down when landing. What if some of that energy could be recovered? easyJet is a British low-cost airline carrier based at London Luton Airport. In February 2016, the company revealed plans for an innovative hydrogen fuel cell system designed to do away with the need for aircraft to...

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Making pricing models customer-centric

Thinking about basic pricing structures and how an item gets paid for hasn’t really changed since the days of barter. The HeSaLight example might be one path for doing so … New business model for selling light bulbs I recently (early 2016) read about the Danish company HeSaLight, developers and manufacturers of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. However, this apparently increasingly controversial company seems much more...

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