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Natural composites pave the way to new manufacturing mindsets

Biomaterials seem likely to up-end the wonderful world of composites – materials and capabilities ideal for next-gen flex-capability manufacturers using innovative business models in a circular economy The darker side of green I’ve written about composites in other Rethinking posts, and about how they pave the way to structures, shapes and capabilities that wouldn’t otherwise be technically possible, or commercially viable. There’s good reason for...

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The composite materials conundrum

Using new kinds of composite materials in industry results in complex new kinds of mixed waste – with both problems and opportunities Composite paths to engineered capabilities Carbon fibre and glass fibre-reinforced plastics have enormous advantages in many kinds of structures because of their unique combinations of lightness and exceptional strength. These are just two of a growing category of composite materials that basically...

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Value-building capabilities help plastic solutions get serious

Plastic is nasty stuff – but how do we turn tackling it into good business? Tipping point arrived? Anno 2019, the tipping-point awareness about the problems caused by plastics suddenly seemed to have been reached. The so-called Overton Window – the range of publicly acceptable discourse – had shifted. The plastics discussion seems to have finally gone mainstream – and inevitably been pillaged and...

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