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AI meets art, and builds business

AI is a moniker currently much bandied around in management-speak. It becomes wholly more comprehensible and concrete in down-to-earth operational settings. Algorithms meet art Manually re-drawing just one static image into a different artistic style has traditionally required serious artistic and artisanal skill, and almost always takes a prohibitively long time – and that’s what people use Photoshop for. Doing this same thing for a...

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Exploring farming decisions

Farming often involves weighty decisions, taken quickly by very few people. This makes it an interesting field for exploring decision-making structures. Decision-making on a farm I was born and raised in London, and my points of reference once used to be exclusively urban. Nowadays I live way out in the Danish countryside, and I’ve spent many years witnessing decision-making structures in Danish agriculture from the...

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Rethinking perceptions of green

Green went from positive to propaganda pariah – “fashion of the month” usually shoots itself in the corporate foot Redefining green as blue For many years now, communication and marketing efforts have mindlessly enrolled the colour green for service as a symbol of environmental awareness and responsibility. So much so that it’s become a cliché, with its own derogative moniker – greenwash. The word...

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