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Rethinking perceptions of fish

Removing web surfing? Sometimes it can upend perceptions of pretty fundamental things – as here in the world of fish. Sucker for BBC nature programmes I have to admit I’m a fan of/sucker for BBC nature programmes. Even David Attenborough’s crustily pedantic pedagogy (Whatever will the BBC Natural History Unit do without him?) can’t keep me away from these dabblings into worlds I will never...

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Taking the schizophrenic out of optician

The ie-glasses rethink of the optician’s shop as design emporium – some thoughts about customer-centricity (or lack thereof) in the optician’s trade From optician to design outlet On a recent visit to Copenhagen, I chanced upon what seemed like a refreshing (partial) rethink of the business model for the optician’s shop. The shop is ie-glasses. The company’s brochure starts by declaring that this optician’s shop isn’t an optician’s...

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Bridges don’t have to arch upwards

Rethinking the spatial location of a bridge opens up new design vistas Rethinking the basics of the bridge Everybody knows what a bridge is – it provides a traverse between two points, spanning something else. After multiple thousands of years of human ingenuity and engineering innovation, what can be new about the fundamentals of bridge design? The Moses Bridge in Halsteren in the Netherlands, designed by...

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