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Squirelling your money away – a new business model for savings

Squirrel is a “financial wellbeing company” – with a refreshing angle on the basics of what things are called, and how we can think about them Financial freedom (seemingly) made simple Squirrel blurbs itself as “Britain’s number one financial wellbeing benefit that builds good financial habits, helping your staff feel happy, secure and supported.” Notwithstanding being a good candidate for a sloppy grammar award, this business model seems to...

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“Maintainers” as the real movers

New technologies and their corporate head honchos are often lauded as society’s heroes. But nothing’s sparkly new for long – perhaps the real heroes are those who keep things working – the “maintainers” The easiest and most obvious narrative about technological change centres around the whizz-kids – the Steve Jobs’es and the Elon Musks. They’re the easy shorthand for lazy journos, the poster execs of...

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Light in the corners – a different perspective on space

Most rooms  have corners – few interiors do much about them. This light changes the perspective on corners Corners are kinda’ necessary in most buildings, culturally besotted as we are with straight lines and rectilinear design thinking. But how little we use these omnipresent corners … There’s precious little furniture designed specifically for the corner, and most interior arrangements relate to walls and spaces – not their petering...

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