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Glimpse of a rethink about insurance structures

“Pay-how-you-drive” – one small step towards rethinking insurance structures from a customer-centric perspective ”Pay-how-you-drive” as point of entry I recently (1Q 20016) noticed that Qatar Insurance Company is piloting “pay-how-you-drive” car insurance in Qatar, highlighted as part of a push towards greater safety/fewer accidents. “Pay-how-you-drive” car insurance is pretty much the pinnacle of a range of car insurance payment models, ranging from odometer-based payments based on distance...

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Drool-worthy or different?

It’s easy to be impressed or even gobsmacked by Fallen Furniture. But impressive isn’t the same as innovative … Furniture from scrap A luxury furniture firm from the UK reminded me how crucial it is to differentiate between natural drooling over a company’s products and thinking that there’s any “rethinking” actually involved. Fallen Furniture takes scrap parts – wheels, engine cowlings, wings and even bomb...

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From Grand Designs to weak design

Kathryn Tyler – an unusually capable designer forced to settle for mediocre communication, in a typical designer’s conundrum Special skills highlighted One Sunday I was revelling in end-to-end re-runs of Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs series, featuring some of Britain’s most ambitious self-build projects, with intrepid individuals ploughing through the design and construction of their dream homes, often via nightmare processes. The one that caught my...

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