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Rethinking rethinking, in digital dimensions

Ideas – and the mindset behind them – are the driving force behind radically new business models. The non-digital idea has to be fully viable before it can be digitally implemented Scalability and success The digital revolution has brought us an exponential expansion of many capabilities – in industry, business and entertainment, and pretty much everywhere else (whether we realise it or not). For many...

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Rethinking the smartphone continuum, with the Runcible

All smartphones basically look the same and can do the same things, steamrollering along a tech-driven path of legacy incrementalism. Where’s the customer-centricity? On 27 February 2015, San Francisco design company Monohm Inc. announced the Runcible, which they called the first personal device for the post-smartphone era. It looks like no other communication device, and it seems like a radical rethink of pretty much...

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Rethinking architecture as process

Presenting professional services as a process – it’s the interaction that gets remembered, more than the result In a pragmatic manner Recently I happened across a Swedish architectural practice that declared on the very first line of their self-presentation that they deliver “distinct ideas … in a pragmatic manner”. What caught my eye was this prominent focus on the way in which they do their stuff –...

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