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Vipping the philosophy of the hotel

Danish design company Vipp has successfully and delectably de-constructed the hotel, focusing on quality experience and immersion, without the traditional regimentation The Danish design company Vipp is almost irritatingly good – they seem to provide a steady stream of surprising measures and new angles on many different aspects of the design experience, inserting their distinctive style in unusual contexts. The operative word(s) here is “design...

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Launderettes in car parks

Outdoor launderettes plonked in car parks bring a traditional type of business back from extinction – with the Revolution footfall generator A drab supermarket car park in the United Kingdom is probably the last place you’d expect to see business innovation and disruptive entrepreneurship, or the death of the doughty launderette being disproved. The launderette migrates outdoors There’s a well-known cultural meme about launderettes, involving sitting...

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IKEA calling – the flatpack Pikkpack shoe

Flatpack doesn’t have to be restricted to furniture. The Pikkpack idea rethinks a lot of the givens about “shoe as a product” – and the most cost-effective, environmentally responsible way to get it from factory to you. Feodor Ingvar Kamprad died on 27 January 2018. Founder of IKEA, he was the architect of a flatpack retail and logistics revolution whose real contours I reckon are...

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