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Sidestepping robotics when things get floppy

Wonderment at the wonderfulness of robotics is easy: rethinking the processes where we use robotics less so. Automation not easy with floppy materials Automation and robotics have only made limited progress in clothing manufacture, because it’s difficult for the hardware to deal with the floppy, flexible fabrics involved. Many steps in the garment production process are already widely automated, from the field to the yarn to the weaving and...

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Visualising the (truly) autonomous world

Changing perceptions by showing us what infrastructure-free localisation enables autonomous vehicles to see Mapping autonomous capabilities There’s a whole lot of talk about autonomous vehicles – whether in the air, on the roads or in our factories. Generalising horribly, most of the discussion is pretty vague, and this vagueness probably has a lot to do with basic ignorance on the subject.  There also seems to be...

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Eyewear from Flint, Michigan – from refuse to responsibility

Genusee is an eyewear company on a plastic-busting mission little to do with eyewear. From thing to purpose and process I worked as a copywriter for eyewear clients for many years. The vast majority of eyewear companies use core messaging centred around various derivatives of looks –  coolness,  design, fashion-following, taste, kudos et al. New American eyewear company Genusee seems to be on a different track –...

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