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Light in the corners – a different perspective on space

Most rooms  have corners – few interiors do much about them. This light changes the perspective on corners Corners are kinda’ necessary in most buildings, culturally besotted as we are with straight lines and rectilinear design thinking. But how little we use these omnipresent corners … There’s precious little furniture designed specifically for the corner, and most interior arrangements relate to walls and spaces – not their petering...

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Rethinking what we call phones

The mobile phone started as a phone, but has evolved into a Swiss Army knife of technology capabilities. Shouldn’t our conceptualising of this key item evolve too? The mobile phone was once what the name says – designed solely for communication between two people over a distance. Today, improved technology combined with digitalisation means phones are used for a plethora of different purposes...

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Rethinking compartmentalisation of farming

“Organic” farming usually gets labelled the “good guys” – fairly uncritically. The CONCITO think tank reckons environmental impact is a better guideline – so perhaps we should rethink our lazy labelling I recently read an interesting piece from Torben Chrintz, the quirkily designated “Chief Knowledge Officer” at CONCITO, Denmark’s so-called “green think tank”. Torben Chrintz is apparently the mastermind behind many of this think...

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