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Bridging rethinks – vertical, circular, movable and on demand

Bridge design normally thinks horizontally – until creative engineers rethink the basics Bridge design is a historical discipline with a massive legacy mindset of complexity, expense and one-off, manpower-intensive processes. But sometimes – even after thousands of years of bridges – creative engineers are able to rethink some of the basics. Bridge building is essentially about spanning horizontal distance. And in its modern iterations...

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Building gone natural, in a water treatment cathedral

Buildings don’t have to look like buildings in order to succeed or delight. Oppenheim Architecture has moulded a Swiss waterworks cathedral … I’ve spent many ýears writing about different kinds of technology – including pumps, filters, dehumidifiers and separation technologies – used in waterworks and water treatment facilities. And I’ve also spent many years drooling over gorgeous architecture – often ecclesiastical. It’s not often these...

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Pipe organ experience reframed

The intricate realms of organ music seem to be shucking off the confines of the ecclesiastical – go YouTube I recently attended an organ concert at a local church. Unexpectedly, the experience gave rise to a series of ponderings about organ music, its place in a greater scheme of things and its potential via rethinking.  What stood out with this particular event – at...

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