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From 3D printing to additive manufacturing – the missing narrative

Additive manufacturing – a mindset about future-responsible fabrication. Evolve Additive Solutions is a company that provides a strategic perspective often missing in communication. What’s in a name? 3D printing is probably one of the most unfortunate names a new technology has ever been saddled with. Any introduction of a product or service on this naming basis has to jump the chasm of disbelief and incredulity,...

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Food trucks – transience in a tin can or ultra-flexible business on wheels?

Food trucks are popular – but Danish food truck company HiiYou is selling a dream of entrepreneurial freedom and customer interaction instead Following the food truck fad Danes often seem to display an uncritical attitude to anything supposedly associated with “cool” – particularly when it’s perceived as coming from the US. So it’s no surprise that American-style food trucks – riding high on the current Scandinavian...

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Eyewear epiphany – separating frames from lenses

US company Lensabl is rethinking the business model for eyewear – separating frames and lenses, and opting for tech over design Eyewear frames aren’t much use without lenses to look through (unless it’s a fashion shoot, of course). Lenses aren’t much use without a frame to position them in front of your eyes. So it’s hardly surprising that frames and lenses have had interwoven fates...

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