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business models, strategies and technologies

Reduxing the redoubtable Honda Cub

IMHO, one of the biggest cultural deficiencies of Danish life is that there are no Honda Cubs on the road. Time to reconsider, 60 years on? In my humble opinion, one of the biggest cultural deficiencies of life in Denmark is the absence of the ubiquitous, unbreakable Honda C50 Cub – tiny, tough and quirkily wonderful. In continuous production since 1958 with output...

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Vipping the philosophy of the hotel

Danish design company Vipp has successfully and delectably de-constructed the hotel, focusing on quality experience and immersion, without the traditional regimentation The Danish design company Vipp is almost irritatingly good – they seem to provide a steady stream of surprising measures and new angles on many different aspects of the design experience, inserting their distinctive style in unusual contexts. The operative word(s) here is “design...

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Rethinking the business of the book – incrementally and more

It ain’t easy to pen a book to help your brilliant ideas establish the thought leadership they deserve. But lean publishing changes the game … Books and thought leadership After I recently ghost-wrote a book for a high-level client, several other clients have recently voiced interest in “doing a book”. They’ve got a great idea and want to tell the world about it. Coincidence? I...

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