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“Bigger picture” angles on circular recycling systems

The whole idea of waste, recycling and circularity is ripe for serious reassessment – companies like TerraCycle and Loop are thinking big. Recycling as a private-enterprise system A company that seems to take the entire waste and recycling discussion a league further (and beyond just plastic) is US-based TerraCycle, which has trademarked the whole “Eliminating the Idea of Waste”, focusing on a business model that makes recycling the...

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Fishing into plastic – culprit or changemaker?

Fishing operations aren’t losing plastic – apparently they’re dumping it. Do they want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution? The National Geographic Society and Sky Ocean Ventures have put together the Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge to source new ideas about ways to deal with plastic waste in our oceans. Laudable, of course, but this doesn’t deal with the mainstream...

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Research as competitive advantage – Volvo-style

A car is a car – but with the Equal Vehicles for All Initiative, Volvo differentiates differently Volvo recently (April 2019)  launched the Equal Vehicles for All (EVA) initiative in worldwide media, with a series of attention-grabbing images and films of a female body dummy splintering into a myriad pieces. The accompanying messaging was about the differences between what happens to male and female bodies...

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