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business models, strategies and technologies

Flatpack car production – the CKD business model

Completely knocked down (CKD) logistics for assembling cars used to be common – and have become so again for planes I’m a big fan of vintage/classic/unusual cars – a dream of scenarios and pleasures simply not possible in over-restricted, over-taxed Denmark. One of my compensation mechanisms involves following the visual delights and gorgeous vistas provided by the BringaTrailer website. Blast from the past In a...

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Bendy wood changes perceptions and possibilities

Dutch designer Carolien Laro crafts break-the-mould Spring Wood furniture in which solid timber is engineered to be flexible Wood is a wonderful natural material with all kinds of eco-friendly pluses to its name. It’s softer than materials like stone, brick and metals – but no one will ever claim that sitting on a wooden chair or stool for long periods is gentle on the...

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From Repair Café to reputation building

Repair Cafés provide an attractive “franchisable” way to implement circular-economy thinking – rooted in community not product Set up in 2010, the Amsterdam-based Repair Café Foundation has a wonderful genre-bridging perspective that seems to provide a great example of how circular economy measures can be made to work in practice. The Foundation wants to bring back and re-invent the basic idea of repair as...

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