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Waxing philosophical about workboats – maritime mindshifts and manufacturing rethinks

Shipbuilding can be a bellwether for manufacturing mindsets – from traditionalism to disruptive innovation A long time ago, some of my earliest copywriting and idea development work was for many of the industrial shipyards in Denmark. Hopefully, it wasn’t my fault that many of them subsequently went out of business, as they got squeezed and out-competed by lower-cost, larger-scale yards elsewhere – mostly...

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Digital twinning and new perspectives for “technical sales”

Selling technical equipment has long been plagued by “what if” uncertainties. But what if customers could see how new equipment would help them? Struggle for mindspace I’ve been working with B2B companies involved in what can be loosely categorised as “technical sales” for decades. One of the biggest hindrances to such sales efforts is the need to be “top of mind” at exactly the right...

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Designed comfort evolves auxetically

When chair design moves beyond shape and materials to multi-flex engineered comfort From Aeron onwards One of the (many) benefits of being my own boss is that I’ve almost always planted my precious posterior in a Herman Miller Aeron office chair. Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the Aeron has been pretty much the universally accepted benchmark for cool-cred, ergonomic seating ever since...

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