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business models, strategies and technologies

Biotech building – from eco-coffins to growing proteins to growing products

From wasteful, destructive building processes to biodegradable, biotech business opportunities From burial to biotech At a wake-like family event after my mother’s recent funeral, I promised the few remaining members of my name-clan that I’d put my proverbial affairs in order – it’d be massively difficult for them to deal with all the morbid practicalities in the for-them-foreign country where I live. Inevitably, this...

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Forward-thinking HVAC – engineering marginals or innovative business model?

Rethinking HVAC opportunities – building energy efficiency from the basement upwards/backwards From technical titillation to on-site realities Discussions about energy-efficiency ideas often get centred around innovative new technologies, new vehicles, new propulsion systems, new energy sources, etc. Technical innovation is a journo-friendly topic capable of generating sound-bites galore, and often drooled over by pundits and politicos eying easy fixes and sassy slogans. But the practical...

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Rethinking simple ceilings – stretchily

Stretch ceilings can be either a low-level practical advantage or a high-level conceptual opportunity – an opening for rethinking architectural design. Humans (and other creatures) have been building dwellings for millennia – how can it still be possible to completely rethink one of the six enclosing surfaces? I’ve been (amateurishly) involved with designing houses and repairing ceilings for a long time – either my...

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