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business models, strategies and technologies

Invisibility and technology value

Technology is often embedded and invisible – so how do we understand and appreciate its value? One of the commercial difficulties with the proliferation of technology and digital embedding is that it’s often difficult to see or appreciate what’s going on or why it’s good. Techy stuff either works or it doesn’t, and value of digital interactions is difficult to make tangible – especially in...

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The art of APIs

The world’s going digital – easy headline, but someone has to make it actually happen A lot of the innovation development and thought leadership work I’ve been doing with clients in recent years has been built around the basic premise (assumption?) of digital interconnectivity and the easy, low-cost scalability and exponential growth this supposedly makes possible. It’s a great/inspirational story, and many a bestselling...

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Eyewear epiphany – separating frames from lenses

US company Lensabl is rethinking the business model for eyewear – separating frames and lenses, and opting for tech over design Eyewear frames aren’t much use without lenses to look through (unless it’s a fashion shoot, of course). Lenses aren’t much use without a frame to position them in front of your eyes. So it’s hardly surprising that frames and lenses have had interwoven fates...

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