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business models, strategies and technologies

Uber for people who want to start Uber

Does the business opportunity lie in the delivery or the capability? Once upon a time, the best new business ideas had to be (well, preferably) radically innovative, groundbreaking zingers that’d have clients and customers queuing up to sign over their money. Business innovation is/was pretty much all about the search for the gruesomely elusive Holy Grail of the next “big idea”, the path to...

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CATIA – from software tool to thought leadership

From CAD software to a whole idea about designing anything – and the difficulties of explaining it. The CATIA conundrum. From one tool to the standard One of the most significant long-term breakthroughs in the world of design for highly complex manufacturing is a multi-platform software suite from Dassault Systèmes in France, dubbed CATIA (an acronym of computer aided three-dimensional interactive application). CATIA is used for computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided...

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Rethinking perceptions of green

Green went from positive to propaganda pariah – “fashion of the month” usually shoots itself in the corporate foot Redefining green as blue For many years now, communication and marketing efforts have mindlessly enrolled the colour green for service as a symbol of environmental awareness and responsibility. So much so that it’s become a cliché, with its own derogative moniker – greenwash. The word...

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