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The car as an assault on good taste

The name of the car interior design game has changed from mechanical to digital  – but manufacturers don’t seem to have caught up yet Interior choices I was recently in the market for a new car. It ain’t easy, and not surprisingly my wallet won’t stretch as far as my vehicular aspirations. As a design fanatic/feinschmecker (take your pick), the interior experience has always been crucial for...

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Rethinking reviewing FMCG technologies

Writing about technology ain’t easy – attractive, cogent writingabout technology products with people in the loop is even harder. Good role models are hard to come by … Prior-to-purchase FMCG reviews Most of us are acquiring, using and discarding technology at a ka-zooming rate, unprecedented in human history. There’s a huge industry involved in selling, promoting and writing about these products, and much of it...

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Rethinking the value of potholes

Placed in the right context, bad roads can suddenly take on new value – their defects provide valuable data for a driverless future Road infrastructure – used, worn and expensive Decaying, aging infrastructure is the bane of the industrial world. Burdens are growing, decay is accelerating and budgets are shrinking. Even in a tiny country like Denmark, an early-2016 “state of the nation” report by FRI...

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