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Value-building capabilities help plastic solutions get serious

Plastic is nasty stuff – but how do we turn tackling it into good business? Tipping point arrived? Anno 2019, the tipping-point awareness about the problems caused by plastics suddenly seemed to have been reached. The so-called Overton Window – the range of publicly acceptable discourse – had shifted. The plastics discussion seems to have finally gone mainstream – and inevitably been pillaged and...

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Research as competitive advantage – Volvo-style

A car is a car – but with the Equal Vehicles for All Initiative, Volvo differentiates differently Volvo recently (April 2019)  launched the Equal Vehicles for All (EVA) initiative in worldwide media, with a series of attention-grabbing images and films of a female body dummy splintering into a myriad pieces. The accompanying messaging was about the differences between what happens to male and female bodies...

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Conceptual laziness won’t wash in the environmental (fashion) face-off

Buzzwords and superficial descriptions of business processes are never enough to combat the juggernaut of calculated misinformation I’ve been quite proud of myself recently. While doing my weekly restrained-consumer mini-shop at our local branch of the German discounted retailer Lidl, I bought several items of clothing – ultra-cheap but surprisingly sartorially appropriate. I’m well aware of the polemics about the perpetual flood of unnecessary fashion frippery. And...

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