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In the used car world, geography can be made disruptive

Used car dealer upends expectations and experience by doing the business at your place – not theirs. Used car dealers aren’t exactly renowned for their innovative business practices – “shady” is more the adjective that comes to mind. Which must be extremely tiresome for energetic souls out there, trying to get ahead and do good business. Familiar surroundings, better experience By chance, a recent mention in the Danish Børsen...

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Rethinking vendor–supplier relationships

Is there a way to rethink one of the fundamentals in buyer–seller relationships? To get impartial advice in a know-how driven world? The buyer–seller relationship – and how they adjust to each other – is one of the cornerstones of our society, and has been for centuries. The entire cornucopia of capitalist choice around which (most of) our society revolves is pretty much based on...

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Car ownership business model that values experience over possession

How do you get the real benefits of a car?  Why so few choices? Car ownership ain’t what it used ta’ be. Those backbones of macho identity and family functionality have become expensive financial black holes, with the extra burden of a guilty conscience about your environmental impacts. Meanwhile, car manufacturers and their marketing honchos are flip-flopping and floundering on a slippery surface that seems like the proverbial...

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