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business models, strategies and technologies

Moulding links from strategy to implementation

Strategy talk is (expensively) cheap – it’s implementing big new ideas that costs the really big bucks. How can a company move from strategy to implementation effectively? Edicts from the top There are often big difficulties involved in transitioning from top-down “the science agrees on …” assertions, C-suite aspirations and lofty strategy declarations, on the one hand, to practical action and point-of-impact strategy implementation...

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“Walk and talk” in Covid-19 times

Structures for responsible personal interaction get brought into new relief in Covid-19 times People all over the world love to (mis-)use English catchphrases, often because they’re considered to sound smart. The finer points of what such phrases actually mean – both directly and (in particular) implicitly – often get profoundly lost in translation. Walk and talk? One such phrase is “walk and talk” – which...

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New narratives for lighting manufacture – based on plant polymers

Lamps have long resided in the (disposable) “products” category – with B2B mindsets focused on commercial and practical benefits. Gantri digital manufacturing is rethinking that whole narrative Lighting systems are pretty much stuck in the doldrums with regard to how they’re described and marketed. The basic narratives about what their manufacturers/designers do, and how they do it, hasn’t changed much over the years,...

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