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From Grand Designs to weak design

Kathryn Tyler – an unusually capable designer forced to settle for mediocre communication, in a typical designer’s conundrum Special skills highlighted One Sunday I was revelling in end-to-end re-runs of Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs series, featuring some of Britain’s most ambitious self-build projects, with intrepid individuals ploughing through the design and construction of their dream homes, often via nightmare processes. The one that caught my...

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From surface coating to a mindset about collaboration

IdeaPaint – a paint product marketed via an eBook about collaboration. Paint portrayed as a communication capability … The white wall challenge As part of one of my building projects in early 2013, I was looking for simple white paint for office walls. Nothing fancy, nothing exotic and nothing that’d break the bank. I started wondering about the idea of saving money by getting...

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Marketing a fifth state of matter

ColdQuanta In Colorado works with ultracold atom technology such as Bose-Einstein condensates – but doesn’t find it easy to explain … Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) are sometimes referred to as a “fifth state of matter”, a rare state or phase in which all the particles share the same quantum state, at temperatures just above absolute zero. This ultracold environment makes the wavelengths of the atoms increase...

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