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business models, strategies and technologies

Forward-thinking HVAC – engineering marginals or innovative business model?

Rethinking HVAC opportunities – building energy efficiency from the basement upwards/backwards From technical titillation to on-site realities Discussions about energy-efficiency ideas often get centred around innovative new technologies, new vehicles, new propulsion systems, new energy sources, etc. Technical innovation is a journo-friendly topic capable of generating sound-bites galore, and often drooled over by pundits and politicos eying easy fixes and sassy slogans. But the practical...

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Musical frameworking and depths of appreciation

Music performances in different contexts unravel new dimensions of capability  – and audience appreciation Post-Napster, and ever since the arrival of Spotify and streaming services ad libitum, live performances have become the cornerstone of many musical artists’ income – especially the big/known names. Think Rolling Stones, still rockin’ home bucketfuls of bucks after all these years. But the live performance game is a’...

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Prostate cancer, dapper dressing, classic motorbikes and mental health

How do you market a motley mix of classic motorbikes, sartorial elegance, facial hair and raising money for prostate cancer and men’s mental health? Answer = The  Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Not all motorcyclists have a dodgy social status or are mummified inside garish, anonymising protective clothing. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual event at which more than 115,000 remarkably dapper gentlemen and gentlewomen (and some gentlesprogs...

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