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business models, strategies and technologies

Low code/no code and APIs = business model rethinks

Big moves towards low code/no code software frameworks seem set to drive big rethinks in business models Mainstream website-builder tools for us mere mortals like Squarespace, Strikingly, Weeblyo, Webydo, Website.com, Wix and Zyro (as well as Jimdo in Germany) – in strangely skewed alphabetical order and to name just a few – have been growing in popularity for quite a while. They’ve subsequently been...

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Rural design – architecture or growth potential?

Architectural inspiration and opportunity need to go rural – where they can change more (Design) life in the country I live in the country, and also run my company from an office in delightfully rural surroundings. Both by choice, I might add. Unfortunately, however, one of my main sources of both “intellectual” inspiration and visual pleasure lies in modern architecture. I have to admit there...

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Smart thinking to end salary slavery?

Time to rethink how a salary links an employee to an employer? Digital opportunities just waiting to be mined … Away from salary slavery Payment-for-work structures have remained basically the same for yonks. Simplifying enormously, there are two ways to do it. If you’re an employee of a company or organisation, you probably get a salary (usually monthly) or a wage (usually weekly). If...

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