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business models, strategies and technologies

Invisibility and technology value

Technology is often embedded and invisible – so how do we understand and appreciate its value? One of the commercial difficulties with the proliferation of technology and digital embedding is that it’s often difficult to see or appreciate what’s going on or why it’s good. Techy stuff either works or it doesn’t, and value of digital interactions is difficult to make tangible – especially in...

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Manikins and the Body Mass Index paradigm

What happens when the humans involved in commercial products and services undergo serious change? Most businesses – and the products and services they provide – involve varying mixtures of people and technology, interacting in myriads of ways. The mainstream narrative usually focuses on one end, where technology changes and develops, with all the effects and benefits this provides for the human masters and their hoped-for...

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Legal practices ready to be rethunk

The path to disrupting the legal eagles’ cosy nests isn’t straightforward – there’s a mindset to change, too There’s a general awareness that the legal trade is a fairly soft soon-to-be-gazumped target for digital disruption. Consider features like high fees, formidable barriers to entry, little obvious value provided and a general distrust/scepticism about what such companies actually do to justify their high fees and always-expensive offices. Latin...

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