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Data not drones – what to do with the eye in the sky

Drones were once advanced tech – now they’re commoditised. But what can we use them for? A 2018 Dezeen documentary highlights the “big picture” impacts that drones will have on things like architecture, design and human perceptions, asserting that “drones will transform cities, revolutionising how people travel, how goods are delivered and how buildings look and are constructed”. As one of the pundit speakers declares, “drones are...

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Supply chain communication – the power of “show”

“Show, don’t tell” thinking for explaining and learning from supply chains and their data – the Sourcemap approach Data linkages tell powerful stories There’s a saying/cliché about it being better to show things rather than waffling on about them in words. US company Sourcemap Inc. has followed this age-old adage, with a range of software tools and solutions for supply chain mapping – with seemingly substantial strategic and...

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Supply chain transparency at Icebreaker

Icebreaker in New Zealand provides a textbook example of credible, persuasive supply chain transparency I bought my very first Icebreaker garment way back in 2003, in a nondescript little clothing store in a nondescript little country town somewhere on the North Island of New Zealand. I knew nothing about the brand or its capability claims – I was just cold. The sweater was a...

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