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Personal finances more than just individual

Personal finances are based on the premise of the sovereign individual. Zeta provides joint finances for modern couples, and rethinks a fundamental financial paradigm My money is mine Banking, personal finances and all the many accoutrements of having money have always been fundamentally individual – my money is mine. The identification/authentication procedures – and all the accompanying regulation, monitoring and taxation – are fundamentally...

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Rethinking simple ceilings – stretchily

Stretch ceilings can be either a low-level practical advantage or a high-level conceptual opportunity – an opening for rethinking architectural design. Humans (and other creatures) have been building dwellings for millennia – how can it still be possible to completely rethink one of the six enclosing surfaces? I’ve been (amateurishly) involved with designing houses and repairing ceilings for a long time – either my...

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Rethinks for the shape of aviation?

Aircraft design has been based on pretty much the same conceptual mindset and engineering truisms for yonks. Is it time for a shape-shifter rethink? Tubular traditions Almost from the beginning, aircraft have consisted of a long, more-or-less tubular structure for cargo (human or otherwise), with some kind of airfoils sticking out from the sides to provide the lift needed to get the whole shebang...

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