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business models, strategies and technologies

Making financials useful for us mere mortals

Financial planning may be necessary, but for many startups and modern flexi-firms it’s often also a frustrating time-waster The guarded world of financials Financial planning, budgeting and the other related sub-disciplines have long been ensconced in a world of their own, with their own specialist practitioners, their own arcane language and a whole slew of “dark arts” concepts whose main function seems to involve...

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Business models for satellite-based operations – dents and directions

It’s deliciously easy to techno-drool about a plethora of new satellite-based capabilities. But have we thought the business model through? In praise of engineering prowess In February 2022, SpaceX successfully assembled a 400ft rocket using a trio of giant robotic arms, in an impressive ballet of engineering dexterity and prowess. This involved quickly and effectively stacking the different components, using technologies far beyond the...

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Biotech building – from eco-coffins to growing proteins to growing products

From wasteful, destructive building processes to biodegradable, biotech business opportunities From burial to biotech At a wake-like family event after my mother’s recent funeral, I promised the few remaining members of my name-clan that I’d put my proverbial affairs in order – it’d be massively difficult for them to deal with all the morbid practicalities in the for-them-foreign country where I live. Inevitably, this...

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