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Making pricing models customer-centric

Thinking about basic pricing structures and how an item gets paid for hasn’t really changed since the days of barter. The HeSaLight example might be one path for doing so … New business model for selling light bulbs I recently (early 2016) read about the Danish company HeSaLight, developers and manufacturers of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. However, this apparently increasingly controversial company seems much more...

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Rethinking the billable hours paradigm

Knowledge workers should probably be ramping up for some kind of paradigm shift in pricing – selling the benefits they create (value) rather than the hours they work (costs). But how? It seems a bit paradoxical that the one sector of industry that’s fairly central to innovation and new thinking is itself stuck in a seriously geriatric pricing paradigm (gargantuan generalisation, here). Legal...

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Rethinking the mattress industry – from product to relationship

US company Casper is rethinking the whole business model for mattresses – moving from a one-time product to managing an ongoing relationship A whole story US company Casper seems to be successfully rethinking multiple aspects of the whole business model associated with the humble mattress, turning it from a product that’s a one-off purchase into a long(er)-term relationship with the customer. The company declares that “We...

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