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From drool-worthy e-bikes to bankable corporate value

Sleekly designed Maravelo e-bikes are yet more interesting because of the business model used to sell them I’ve been considering an e-bike for a while: my old bike is on its last legs, and it seems a bit silly not to take advantage of modern technology to make sure I get more exercise – and that I’m less daunted by distance. Good intentions...

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Rethinking age-old agricultural rhythms

Rethinking millennia-old agricultural practices seems inconceivable – but The Land Institute went to work and delivered Kernza I live way out in the country. Transport to and from my abode/office – vehicular and otherwise – often makes me wonder about all kinds of to-me-unfamiliar processes taking place in the fields all around. I’m an avid observer, but with huge depths of agricultural ignorance. Cycles of...

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Natural composites pave the way to new manufacturing mindsets

Biomaterials seem likely to up-end the wonderful world of composites – materials and capabilities ideal for next-gen flex-capability manufacturers using innovative business models in a circular economy The darker side of green I’ve written about composites in other Rethinking posts, and about how they pave the way to structures, shapes and capabilities that wouldn’t otherwise be technically possible, or commercially viable. There’s good reason for...

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