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The art of APIs

The world’s going digital – easy headline, but someone has to make it actually happen A lot of the innovation development and thought leadership work I’ve been doing with clients in recent years has been built around the basic premise (assumption?) of digital interconnectivity and the easy, low-cost scalability and exponential growth this supposedly makes possible. It’s a great/inspirational story, and many a bestselling...

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The logistics of retailing – the “Internet of vans”

From bricks and mortar to van company to tech powerhouse – the logistics of retailing morph fast Ocado in the UK is one of the pioneers in online supermarkets. More importantly, it’s a successful one. The company’s 2016 turnover amounted to €1.5 billion, a 14.8 % increase compared to 2015. EBITDA grew 21.8 % to €17 million and its customer base also grew...

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Counter-intuitive design – the conundrum of crooked

The radical design of the Ames-Dryden AD-1 oblique-wing research aircraft makes it difficult to grasp One of the most unconventional concepts in aviation is the oblique-wing aircraft. The concept was successfully tested on the AD-l (Ames-Dryden 1), a small, subsonic, single-seat research aircraft specifically designed and built for a NASA Dryden Flight Research Center test and evaluation programme that began in 1979 and continued...

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