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Rethinking the mattress industry – from product to relationship

US company Casper is rethinking the whole business model for mattresses – moving from a one-time product to managing an ongoing relationship A whole story US company Casper seems to be successfully rethinking multiple aspects of the whole business model associated with the humble mattress, turning it from a product that’s a one-off purchase into a long(er)-term relationship with the customer. The company declares that “We...

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Rethinking Lindbergh and the style mantle

Brand identity and fashion style can come from an authentic core – or just be an attempt at a Hogwarts mantle of blatant deception Fashion supplement I sat over a long Saturday breakfast, and flicked through one of the “advertorial” magazines that increasingly accompany our newspapers, all desperate to force a way through any tiny chink in our media awareness. There was a mega-big section...

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The car as an assault on good taste

The name of the car interior design game has changed from mechanical to digital  – but manufacturers don’t seem to have caught up yet Interior choices I was recently in the market for a new car. It ain’t easy, and not surprisingly my wallet won’t stretch as far as my vehicular aspirations. As a design fanatic/feinschmecker (take your pick), the interior experience has always been crucial for...

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